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The Farm & Garden Learning Station is a unique garden and farm area that will be based at The University of Georgia in Tifton Georgia. In fact, it will be the only one like it in world!

The mission is to educate the public and professionals on small and large scale agricultural production:

  • Sustainable and organic gardening /farming practices
  • Small scale enterprises such as vegetable growing, beekeeping,
    growing mushrooms, and composting.
  • Health benefits associated with growing and eating healthy foods
  • Technologies and tips that can make farming and gardening accessible for most everyone.

One of the truly unique aspects of the Learning Station is the use of universal design concepts throughout. Universal design is when products, spaces and services are designed in way that are accessible for most individuals. So whether someone is a home gardener experiencing arthritis or a farmer with a spinal cord I njury, there will be many solutions to see and experience at The Learning Station. There will also be suggestions for children to be able to safely participate in farming and gardening activities.

Visitors will enjoy a variety of demonstrations, learning stations and activities to enjoy. Do-it-yourself solutions and tip sheets will be available.

Once complete, The Farm & Garden Learning Station will be open to the public and will encourage school groups, health care and rehabilitation professionals to attend a wide variety of trainings that will be held at the facility. 

Want to get involved? From purchasing an engraved brick to planting a flower garden in someone's memory, there are a lot of ways you can be a part of this unique project. Contact us to learn more.

Click here to download a flyer on the project.

Farm & Garden Learning Station

Farm Again is funded by donations and sponsors. !00% of your donations go directly to the project and are tax deductible. Donations will appear as The Institute on Human Development and Disability, where the project is housed.

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