Farmers Market


Selling at the Farmer's Market
Tips for Success

This innovative workshop is headed by two¬†experienced Farmer’s Market Managers. In the morning¬†we will overview how to successfully sell at a market including pricing considerations, food safety, and effective ways to setup a space for visual interest and retail success. At the end of the day participants will apply what they learned and will set up a farmer’s market booth.

  • Registration is free / Open to the public
  • Lunch is included


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Funding provided by USDA’s Office of Advocacy and Outreach

March 13, 2018   9 am - 3 pm    
UGA's Tifton Campus
Tifton, GA

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If for any reason you can not attend please let us know as soon as possible. We have individuals on a waiting list that will be subsituted in your place.




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Rebecca Brighwell (Co-PI),  Jodi Daley, Naomi Rosan, Mason Dean, Chris Dorsey        

Funded through the USDA / NIFA
Award AO172501X443G037
Co-sponsored by the AgrAbility Project