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Do you live in Georgia? Do you have a disability or chronic health condition? Are you new to farming? Are you wanting to start a small scale farming enterprise? Are you ready to put in the hard work that owning your a business requires? If you answered yes to these questions, our Ag-Start project may be able to help you.

We accept three new farmers each calendar year into our incubator program. If you are selected, the Ag-Start project will provide the following:

  • Work with you as a team to design your agricultural operation. We will aide in conducting market research for your area to determine the best crops to grow.
  • We will identify training to prepare you in your new business venture. This will involve a variety of workshops and mentors hip opportunities.
  • We will aide in finding funding to start your new business enterprise.
  • We will involve a variety of students at the University of Georgia to aide with everything from market research to graphic design.

    Check out our new farmer resource page for some tips on starting your new business.

Think you are ready to get started? Great! Contact us to request an application to Ag-Start project. If you are interested in growing organically, you may also qualify for our Go Organic project.

Many thanks to our foundation partners for making Ag-Start project a reality!




Farm Again is funded by donations and sponsors. !00% of your donations go directly to the project and are tax deductible. Donations will appear as The Institute on Human Development and Disability, where the project is housed.

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Our many thanks to our private donors, John Deere, Georgia 4-H Foundation, GA Electric Membership Corp, and AgGeorgia Monticello for your support! We couldn't do it without you!


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