The Farm Again staff are available to speak to your group or school class on a variety of interesting topics. Each presentation begins with a 15 minute overview of the Farm Again project followed by the workshop of your choice. Choose from:

  • ErgoWHATics? - An introduction to ergonomics and how adapting your environment can greatly reduce stress on the body and the likelihood of injuries. Presentation can be adapted to your group, including:
    - Gardening and Farming
    - Working in an office setting
    - Youth topics including carrying book bags, texting, video games and
  • McGuyver It - The session starts with a guessing game. Participants are given a wide variety of items that farmers have made to accommodate for a disability or chronic health condition. They try to guess the type of disability it was used for. Participants are introduced to every day materials that can be used to create assistive technology devices.
  • Organic Gardening 101 - This class will introduce organic gardening basics. Topics will include benefits of organics, basics of soil amending, plant selection and much more.

There is no charge for the presentations listed above. However, scheduling will be based on availability of AgrAbility staff.

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Teen Gardening

Backpack ergonomics