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(Note: The term customer refers to someone seeking Farm Again Services)

Disability and Services




How many farmers/ranchers with disabilities are there?

In Georgia, it is estimated that between 25,000 to 35,000 agricultural workers experience physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities that affect performing one or more essential work tasks. 

What can Farm Again do for a farmer/rancher (the customer) with a disability?

Assistance may include identifying assistive technology solutions to make tasks easier; a business plan to help stabilize and grow your business; community or student volunteer projects; and a wide variety of other resources.   Read our farmer and rancher stories for examples on how Farm Again might be able to assist you.

Who is eligible for Farm Again services?

Farmers, ranchers, farm workers, or family members employed in production agriculture are eligible for Farm Again services and may have any type of disability. For example:

  • amputations
    back pain
    cerebral palsy
    multiple sclerosis
    post-polio syndrome
    spinal cord injury
    traumatic brain injuries
  • arthritis
    blindness or vision impairments
    cardiac problems
    deafness or hearing impairments
    mental retardation
    muscular dystrophy
    respiratory problems

Do I qualify for Farm Again benefits if I was injured in a non-farm related incident?


How can I contact someone for help?

If you are interested in AgrAbility Project services (e.g., training, site visit, on-farm assessments, technical assistance, and other information working directly with the farmer or rancher), please contact us at 706-542-0304 or call toll free at 1-877-524-6264. You can see what the typical steps are in getting assistance by clicking here.

I don't live in Georgia. Does my state or region have a similar program?

AgrAbility is national project that aids farmers with disabilities. Farm Again is an affliate project of this network. Visit the State Projects web page to see if there is a program in your state.

My state / region does not have an AgrAbility program. Who can I turn to?

If your state does not have an AgrAbility Project, or if you have general questions about AgrAbility, please contact the National Project staff through Purdue. The national staff can provide direct technical consultation to consumers, health and rehabilitation professionals and other service providers on how to accommodate disabilities in production agriculture. For example, staff can assist fabricators with designing hand controls for a tractor. In addition, national staff can provide members of other national and international agricultural and health-related organizations with information and resources to help farmers and ranchers with disabilities.

What if I'm a farmer with a disability who now wants to get into a different type of farming, or less labor intensive farming, can AgrAbility help?

Yes. The Farm Again Service Coordinator and you will discuss the current operation, assess where changes may need to be made, consult with agricultural specialists if needed and then develop a plan for switching into a different type of farming. Sometimes with labor-saving technology or restructuring how work is done, you may be able to remain in your current operation.


Who provides the funding for Farm Again?

Support for Farm Again comes through donations and sponsorships. You can dontate at 100% of the money goes to support the Farm Again project. Donations are tax deductible.

Are there any fees or costs associated with Farm Again's services?

There are no fees for the services received through Farm Again. If you and the Farm Again specialist decide on accommodations or technology that may make your work easier, the costs will be your responsibility. If you have difficulty with these costs, the Farm Again specialist will help you look for financial assistance. However, many solutions may not have a cost associated with them. For individuals with disabilites, the State of Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Department can also provide assistance. Read stories of farmers and ranchers in Georgia who have received Farm Again services.

Does Farm Again have money to help purchase assistive technology for customers?

the Farm Again Project can not purchase assistive technology for customers. In special circumstances, devices are fabricated at Farm Again's workshop at the Tifton campus. In this instance, the customer buys the materials and the Farm Again staff time is free.

Does Farm Again fund modifications on farms/ranches?

Farm Again staff perform work site assessments and develop a plan to accommodate the farmer/rancher. Funding for the plan must come from the farmer/rancher or other sources such a State Vocational Rehabilitation or charitable organizations. The Farm Again staff will help you review your options.

Where do I find funding to buy equipment I need to keep farming?

Funding is always a difficult issue. If you have a disability and are eligible for their program, the State Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program may be able to help you. VR would not buy farm equipment unless that equipment would directly accommodate limitations imposed by a disability.  The Farm Again staff will help you evaluate all available options.

Are there waiting lists for getting help through Farm Again or funding sources such as Vocational Rehabilitation?

Waiting lists with the Farm Again Project occasional do happen depending on the demand at the time. However, we do everything we can to see you as soon as possible.


I need engineering / technical guidance. To whom should I direct my question?

Send your request to the Farm Again staff : Contact Us