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Steering Knobs

Spinner knobs offer better steering control for individuals with arthritis or prosthetic devices. Modern tractors with power steering require little steering effort, but a variety of conditions can make gripping a normal steering wheel difficult. Control handles should be 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. The knobs are reasonable in cost and average around $12. You can also buy knobs made especially for riding lawn mowers.

Also consider adding a plastic extension to the tractor or truck ignition key to help provide more gripping surface and reduce wrist strain.


Online Vendors:

Northern Tool & Equipment


In your local community:

Tractor Dealerships

Northern Tool & Equipment

Tractor Supply Company

Disclaimer: The vendors listed do not represent an endorsement by AgrAbility in Georgia and is provided only as an introduction to the many vendors that produce adapted products.








Spinner Knob

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