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Tractor Steps

Additional or improved steps and handholds can improve safety when entering and exiting the tractor. A common tractor modification replaces factory steps with a new set, which has a lower bottom step and at least one additional step.

Some tractors have the bottom step as high as 24 inches or more from the ground, which is far too high for most people. A step height of 16 inches is much easier to reach.

When attaching steps and hand holds, steps should be welded or bolted to the tractor frame or existing steps. Steps should be made of steel with non-skid, non-slip tread materials.

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K & M Manufacturing

Deere & Company

M. D. Products, Inc.

Fabricates after-market fenders with steps

Disclaimer: The vendors listed do not represent an endorsement by AgrAbility in Georgia and is provided only as an introduction to the many vendors that produce adapted products.




Extended Tracor Steps



K&M Manufacturing Extended Steps

K&M Extended Steps